Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yes! Finally Had an Excuse to Post a Pic of Angelina!

The award ceremony of the Golden Globes was on TV last night. I don't watch that stuff, too much talking and what they call jokes and at many, lip-sung performances. These things should take an hour, max. Anyhoo, I much prefer to read the results the next day and look at pictures of what people were sporting.

I was made happiest by the wins of Ugly Betty and America Ferrera. Apparently such a win is atypical because of the relative youth of the show (not even one season long), but it is easily explained. No matter how much I love my crime, hospital, and supernatural action shows, Ugly Betty is a breath of fresh, funny, touching air. A comedy that is not a sitcom? Get out! And it works. Sending up not just the fashion industry but racial stereotypes, Sex-and-the-City love and sex dillemas, and gender roles, Ugly Betty is smart packaged as cute and kitshy. Plus the writers and actors have fun playing with the audience, as evinced by Amanda's double role last week as her skinny, hot pant-sporting self as well as bespectacled mess at the other mag. And who doesn't love Cristina? Mark? Vanessa Williams's completely hyperbolic evil bitch character Willemina? Now if only they could replace that dud of an actor playing the not-so-prodigal son, Daniel.

Other awards went to Babel (must-see), Studio 60 (whatever), Grey's Anatomy (so good), Borat, I mean SBC (over-hyped), and Helen Mirrin for The Queen (eerie eerie good). And they all say that the Globes are a pretty good indicator for the Tall Gold Man Statue awards. We shall see...

Oh yeah, Angelina was there, looking like perfection.

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Hardy said...

UGLY BETTY FTW~!!!!!!!!! (^-^ )