Saturday, December 02, 2006

Reblog: JPN Wii Launch: Not Homeless Winos, But Elderly Gamers

Sorry for the cheating, but I am all wrapped up in RL and living not writing at the moment, will be back shortly I hope.

From Kotaku:

What do you call groups of old men standing next foreigners at a PS3 launch? Gray market. What do you call the same at a Wii launch? Expanded demographic, that's what! It's still early, but I'm seeing some of the same type of thing that plagued the PS3 launch present at the Wii one (pockets of old men), but noticeably absent at the 360's (rude, I know).

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Hardy said...

Market/Audience Expansion FTW~!!!

To hell with all those gamers who wants the gaming industry to remain a niche market. If the industry remains a niche, then the companies feel like they have the right to jack up the prices of the hardwares and softwares to ridiculous heights (read: PS3) knowing their more hardcore niche market targets will be idiotic enough to buy it.

A wider market net would make the companies change their strategy to profit by quantity.

Also, I'm still peeved that the one Brian Ashcraft went to had them camping in line in a warm parking building.

I wish we had access to somewhere warm, so a certain someone wouldn't be whining so much about the cold. :D