Friday, December 15, 2006

Nintendo Responds to the Cry 'Wii Need Thicker Straps'

Well, well, well... I could see this coming. Wait for the bugs and their fixes to emerge I said pre-Wii and PS3 launches, a reproach that fell on deaf ears. And what do you know, I was RIGHT!

CBC reports that after multiple reports of broken glass, TV screens, and in one case a "fan apparently sprained and cut a finger on her right hand while trying to rally for a comeback victory in Wii baseball", Nintendo is offering a replacement of the previously flimsy 0.06 cm straps with sturdier o.04 cms versions.

The article goes on to declare Nintendo the (sort-of) current winner in the console wars despite "Wii controllers going ballistic".

Man those writers have got a sense of humor.


Photendoist said...

Yes, you were right. And to fan the fire, Zelda on the Gamecube is better than the Wii version, in my opinion, strictly based on the control scheme; no camera controls in Wii's version frustrated me to no end. Game is fucking beautiful on either, though, once you hit the twilight realm. Like, oh my fucking god beautiful.

a co-worker's friend destroyed her LCD TV from LAUNCHING the wiimote, and Kir's Wii had to be sent back to Nintendo as it just stopped working entirely.

Lastly, wouldn't 0.06 be thicker than 0.04 cm? I thought it wqas being replaced with a 6mm one, not a 6/100cm one...

Hardy said...

I already ordered the replacement straps this morning.

So far the only 'injuries' we had are my other WiiMote being injured by Ryan's wild flails of excitement and my hand being hit on the Crosstrainer that day. LOL!!! (^-^ )

Photendoist said...

As it turns out, the original strap can withstand 25 pounds of pull on it. This just means that everyone who broke one is totally wiitarded.