Thursday, December 07, 2006

Look But Don't Touch

That was the message I got when, weighed down with Christmas and miscellaneous baggage at Angrignon mall, I walked by a demo booth for the Wii and Wii Sports. Two booth babes (not scantily clad but demurely donned in Wii T-shirts and jeans) played away, one swinging a golf club and the other a baseball bat. They were encircled by a small but older ground of people seemingly fascinated by what they were seeing. The girls took a break to talk to people, promoted the system, and then went back to playing- none of the onlookers got the chance to try it out.

Perhaps in my seasonal malaise I imagined it, but there was some pouting going on. What kind of stupid idea is it to show the action you could see in a commercial but not let anyone try the wi-mote out? Especially when people may very well have headed off to buy one as an xmas gift for their spoiled grandson.... or retired hubby.
Anyhoo, I apologize in advance for some blogless days to come. I have muchos busy days away from home to come, culminating in my thesis defense on Monday. I hope you all have a less crazy weekend than me, though I hope you will attend a party like the one I will on Saturday in benefit of Sun Youth. Food, toys, and money are all welcomed at this time of year.


Photendoist said...

My guess is Nintendo would lay the smackdown on the team in charge of this display if they found out they weren't letting people play it.

On the other hand, even if they loved it, it's sold out anyways. You gotta buy it off jerks like me on ebay. Speaking of which, how's that PS3 doing...

Hardy said...

Sales wise, it sounds like some kind of dangling-carrot-on-a-stick-to-donkey routine to me.

Or, it's some kind security measure. Knowing the WIi will be in such high demands and some jerks might take into thought of snatching it away during gameplay. Though I really doubt it (I mean it's not as rare and valuable in the black/virtual market like the PS3).

Or, the Wii is really that great that even the booth babes that's usually unenthusiatic about the games they display are actually genuinely in-love with the Wii. LOL!!!

One way or another they will still buy the Wii anyway, even if they are a little disgrunted.

Also, good luck on yout Thesis and on your driving test. Wishing you the best of luck.

Still very sad you can't make it to my annual X-mas party. (T_T )

I guess there will be other events where-in you can attend. (^-^ )