Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wii Will Wii Will Rock You

On Sunday morning I got up much earlier than usual to stand in line to pick up a Wii pre-order. I was surprised and disappointed at the overall mood though, as everyone seemed to be rather blase about the whole thing. After seeing footage of riot police and fist fights in relation to PS3 lineups, I was really disappointed at the orderliness and underwhelming patience of the Nintendo fanboys and nerdgirls. The only amusing portion was when, 10 minutes after asking "no fistfights?" I got whacked in the face accidentally by a Toys r Us employee.

Later that day I got the opportunity to test drive the new wii-mote and watch as people set up their Miis (their system avatar). I was tainted by a feeling of too-much-hype-not-enough-substance, but I was impressed by the ease of use of the newfangled controller. Probably would have been a lot more interested if a Mario game had been released as well... what's Nintendo without a little Mario?

The best moments of playing the Wii- watching an enthusiastic Wii Sports player swing his remote right into a nearby exercise machine, and after tinkering around with the system, returning to the old pleasure of Soul Caliber.
What did you think of the new system?

Wacky Wii Wabbit courtesy of Jostiq.


Photendoist said...

i think it's ultra awesome... excuse me while I figure out a way to add one to the registry.

Hardy said...

You should have visited me at the BestBuy camp. Lots of interesting people there.

The rocking-chair guy was indefinitely the most intriguing one (topped even the mini-skirt girl who lasted 2-3 hours at 0 degrees Celsius with added -5 windchill).

And to add, even with the wrist injury sustained by my hand upon the "nearby exercise machine", I still ruled at Soul Calibur 3.


Don't forget that Canada was robbed of Wii-play, which was supposed to accompany the extra Wiimote.

Photendoist said...

everyone was robbed of Wii Play, it's only going to be included in January in North America. At which point, I fucking well want one!