Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PS3 Can Cure Cancer? I Knew It!

It must be true, cuz Sony said so. To quote the extremely credulous CBC article, "when Cure(at)PLAYSTATION 3 is launched, PS3 owners can register their machines with Stanford, download specially designed software and leave their machines online to process data when they're not playing". This is all supposed to go down when the console is available worldwide, which means at least spring 2007.

Damn, and when I read that headline, I thought the stone cold foxes of Eyedentify would infiltrate yet another place they should not and magically laser tumors through your TV screen. Bummer.


Photendoist said...

This is pretty much the same thing as the Folding@HOME and SETI things that allow your computer to process data with thousands of others for their various causes. The idea is that it never actually slows the computer down, because it only processes data when the computer is idle (even for a couple of seconds). Lets you feel like you're actually contributing something to the world (you are, though) without having to pay it any attention.

Hardy said...
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Hardy said...

Yet again, another way Sony is trying to convince everyone in the world that they dont need PCs... they just need PS3s.


What's next? PS3 will do your income tax and do your accounting? Will it colour my artworks?

More and more this thing Sony has with MSoft is bordering on ridiculous.