Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Normaler Than Reality

Been a pretty busy few weeks for movies... saw Marie Antoinette, The Prestige, and now Stranger Than Fiction in theatres. This was a gratis premiere pass scored by my mother in trade for a bus pass loan, and so we had to endure the requisite bag search prior to entering the theatre. I am not too sure what these bodyguard/bouncer types from the movie companies think their actions are preventing... though I am sure they would turn away anyone with a video camera, all they could say about cell phones was "please turn them off". As if such a kindly phrased request could deter an ambitious cam-er.

Otherwise, Will Ferrell was a pleasure to watch, as were his onscreen cohorts... besides having a fabulous premise, the dry acting and well-characterized settings (Harold's ecru-tinted apartment, Anna's left-wing bakery and similarly pastiche-like flat, Karen's barren, cigarette-in-napkin littered work hole) were remarkable. Must commend Hollywood for becoming postmodernist (from here on out, know that this is always used ironically and shortened dryly to po-mo) in the right way.

I would also, despite its uneven reviews, recommend Marie Antoinette, because I think the criticism was more aimed at a director more famed for nepotism than talent despite her successes, an actress more known for her snaggletoothed grin than her range, and at a false sense of what must constitute a period piece. Also, it was a poufy, candy-toned film that reminds you what an aesthetic orgasm feels like.

OK, gonna catch the rest of CSI: New York (gotta love Gary Sinise).

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