Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Massively Mediated Mama

Rather than beginning this blog with a justification of blogs, I will start instead with a description of the elements of my personality that led to the staking of my flag in an admittedly cluttered if not littered landscape that is the blogosphere.

As a student in a department called "Media Studies", as a person who feels that any less than 6 hours a day of CBC Radio (that's the Canadian Broadcast Corporation) equals complete ignorance of the world, as a couch potato who manages to keep up with no less than 10 primetime television series, as a person who, in her tenure as a video store clerk, watched no less than 80% of the store's inventory, as an avid visitor to 3 celebrity blogs and 8 video game blogs, and as an ardent player of not only single-player but massively-multiplayer online games, I can be called perhaps the ultimate, supreme mediaphile.

This list does not even take into account my voracious reading habits, music consumption, or art interests. At the same time, I feel that the pace of change, expansion, conglomeration, convergence, and disapperance too rapid to ever feel fully informed or at least up-to-date with the major media forces of our times. I will be honest- I have never visited Second Life, taken a strong interest in MySpace, or spent hours browsing the offerings of YouTube. For this, I feel ashamed.

This blog will thus be not only a venue for the discussion and exploration of content and forms I am already well-versed in, but the impetus for further examinations into new forms. To be honest, it is hopefully also a venue to get some of my beloveds engaged and in active discussion on the things that seem to eat up lots and lots of my time.

So, one and all, please join me in this public dialogue about the most picayune and grand elements of the media that engulf out everyday life. Don't be shy- the most banal topics may be the most topical simply because the nature of the everyday life is pervasive and definitive of ourselves. Also, you may be surprised to find that those strong opinions you never thought you had can be aroused by something so simple as a free blog.

And now, time for some House.

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