Saturday, November 11, 2006

In the Interim...

OK, so the conference was really productive, interesting, surprising, and above all saturating (9 presentations in 9 hours, plus socializing at coffee breaks, lunches, and wine and cheeses). Met plenty of cool people, and heard some great research, and came away with some pretty astute observations ("the nature of the digital environment will influence the type of research collected"). Don't have the time or energy to post today or tomorrow, as they are and will be sapped by both wedding and travel requirements. So, in the meantime, I am linking to the Digital Girls projects, which was well-represented at Trials and Tribulations by Sandra Weber, Claudia Mitchell, Jacqui Reid-Walsh and Shanly Dixon.

Keep your fingers crossed- entered many a contest to win a honeymoon!

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Anonymous said...

free honeymoons are slightly more awesome than not-free ones.

The nature of the blog will influence the type of comment posted.