Friday, November 17, 2006

Gamers Exhibit Patience

So midnight saw the first chance for North Americans to pick up the newest Sony platform, the Playstation 3 or PS3. For all you nongamers, this explains the snaking line of geeks and whipped parents trapped under tarps and on camping chairs around your neighborhood Best Buy. Stopped in myself at the Dundas branch of the store to pick up some techie xmas gifts and politely inquired as to whether the perky group outside would luck out with a midnight launch or would have to wait in the rain until the opening time of 8AM. The employee informed me that, despite having to camp the night (a second one for those closest to the entrance), they were 'blessed' (not my words or his, just deduced from the shining eyes of all the geeks, including my fiance, nearby) with not a mere 15 but 76 units. Rapid phone calling ensued...
Stay tuned, because I will be joining the ranks of the nerds when the Nintendo Wii launches Sunday. Ah, the things you do for love.
The pic comes courtesy of my favoritest geek over at Photendo.

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tyfn said...

Do you not find this clip a little surreal?

courtesy of joystick.h