Monday, November 27, 2006


Kotaku reports that an informal poll they ran returned the number 338. That rather large number represents those of about 5700 reporting Wii users that had their wii-mote strap break and therefore cause their controller to fly across the room. Considering that this gadget has been out less than a fortnight, that seems like one of those things I referred to when I recommended to all my geek friends to hold out a few months and wait for the bugs and flaws and faults to emerge before purchase. But I digress. Apparently the instruction manual states that players are required to wear the strap during play, and some conspiracy theorists I know claim that the wii-motes have sensors that report to Nintendo when you are not using them in the proscribed manner.

Anyway, see the breakage in action at YouTube. The moral of the story here of course is do not get excited and slippery when playing with your wii-mote.

PS- Clubbing seals is very bad and I am not in favor of it. Save the seals, OK?


Photendoist said...

Everyone's living out their dreams, pitching baseballs a hundred miles an hour. I wouldn't call the breaking straps a system flaw, rather than a way of letting individuals advertise themselves as retarded to the world vis YouTube.

You know what would make a great Wii game? Bonk a Seal! Think of it, the system was made for mechanics a game like that would require!

Photendoist said...

btw, who doesn't get slippery and excited when they play with their wii?

Hardy said...


Well, someone said something about the plastic hook used by the nunchuck actually causing friction upon the strap and slowly eroding the material.

I kinda agree with that theory (the hook don't really do anything but align the strap with the nunchuck cable and not that great either).

Wait a few months, someone will make a Wii-mote attachment glove that will secure it to your hand as it would if someone had super-glued it to your hand.

...or you can super-glue it to your hand snice it's the awesomeness anyway.

Photendoist said...

You sure the hook isn't just so you can tie up the nunchuck strap? That'd make a lot more sense, now wouldn't it... I dunno if it does, I'm just saying it'd make sense.